Project Inception and Pre-Contract

We provide cost planning, measurement and billing services, as well as advice on grants and levies. Our team also manage the procurement and contractor appointment process and regularly undertake pre-contract reviews and negotiation of proposed terms and conditions.

Measurement and billing
We tailor our measurement services to suit your individual needs from production of high level builder’s quantities and activity schedules to full BQs; under CESMM, Highways and NRM (SMM) methods of measurement. We mix traditional measurement skills with the latest software to enable us to provide an efficient measurement service.

Contract preparation and review
The correct drafting of a contract is vital for the popper allocation of risks and obligations. By undertaking a thorough review of a presented contract, prior to signing, we will provide clarity on potentially onerous and high risk obligations that could adversely affect payment and margins. Our pre-contract review will provide an overview of the key obligations, risks and time-sensitive matters in addition to affording the opportunity to have clauses either removed or de-risked.

Arburies advise on the right choice of contract and the selection and appointment of contractor suitable to deliver the contract in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Project monitoring
Arburies provide project monitoring to banks and other construction lending organisations; providing assurances that their lending is viable and secure.

We would initially provide you with a detailed report of the project and contract arrangements followed by periodic valuations of activities completed to date to facilitate the drawdown of funds as required. The key driver to this service being successful is clear straightforward communication, unbiased and transparent assessments to ensure compliance and performance at every stage.

Contract administration
The engagement of adequately trained and experienced staff is a key factor in ensuring the contract is administered effectively controlling costs, protecting margins and reducing the risk of formal disputes arising.  Our team is highly experienced in the administration of contracts and the procurement and management of contractors and the supply chain.

As part of the pre-contract services, Arburies provides building surveying and project management functions through Nick Navas, MCIOB, MRICS a Chartered Building surveyor with over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Commercial condition and dilapidation surveys
Before taking on any commercial unit or office through a lease or rental arrangement, it is important to ascertain the condition of the property and have it recorded prior to taking it on and at end of the lease or tenancy. We are also experienced in undertaking dilapidation surveys of existing buildings providing a schedule of works that are required.

Due diligence
By undertaking pre-construction due diligence prior to the acquisition of any asset is critical to assess potential risks and protect your interests. We carry out all necessary preventative checks that are appropriate to undertake; including analysing and verifying the financial stability and reputation of the individual or legal entity. We will provide you with detailed reports highlighting potential risks and mitigation measures available to enable them to make carefully considered decisions.

Boundary disputes and party wall services
The Party Wall Act 1996 applies where one party wishes to carry out work on or close to another or shared party boundary. Boundary disputes and ascertaining the correct location of them can become quite complex. We are experienced in assisting in these matters, defining actual boundaries, drafting and obtaining the required Party Wall Awards.

Legal and regulatory compliance
Regulatory compliance represents a major challenge within the construction industry from health and safety to the legality of construction contracts. We understand the legal requirements and manage these and their associated risks to assist you with compliance and achieving best practice.

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