Mid-Contract Review and Health Check

Arburies provide a fixed-fee mid-contract review and health check to an overview and follow-up report on your existing contractual arrangements and position. We assess the commercial risks and opportunities with the aim of maximising margins and to resolve any problems becoming formal disputes. The review provides a review of the contract, key obligations, how to correctly administer the contract and templates to use for contractual notices.

Level 1
Contract Health Check; a professional review and report on your existing contractual arrangements and position; detailing the following:

  • Key obligations and conditions precedent
  • Time related clauses
  • Key risks and Onerous clauses
  • Provision of forms to correctly administer the contract
  • Review of current position and strategy to improve
  • Overview and advice on existing and unidentified items of change

Level 2
We offer on-going support via a retained service to offering immediate access to senior professionals experienced in contracts, commercial administration and adjudication to provide clear pragmatic advice, strategies and solutions as and when required.

Level 3
The engagement of adequately trained and experienced staff is a key factor in ensuring the contract is administered effectively controlling costs, protecting margins and reducing the risk of formal disputes arising.

Our highly experienced team can provide bespoke packages to undertake contract administration, commercial management, the resolution of discreet matters in addition to advising on and developing claim avoidance and resolution strategies and solutions.

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