Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

We have experience in defending and resolving contentious issues and formal disputes.

Our team interrogate and audit the presented position and will provide contract based advice, recovery strategies and likely recovery.

We are also experienced in analysing and preparing evidence to support or defend formal contractual claims and disputes. Including adjudication, arbitration and litigation.

Key services provided:

  • Contract analysis and review

  • Interrogation and validation of presented position

  • Interrogation and assessment of true trading position, WIP, cashflow and balance sheet

  • Assessment of position to defend or apply for time and monetary relief of disputes

  • Identification of contractual entitlement for unclaimed items of change, breach of contract and damages

  • Recovery strategy

  • Pursuit of remedies relating to payment default

  • Collection of debtor balances and retentions

  • Independent preparation of formal claims for defence or development

  • Unbiased, expert witness advice and testimony

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