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Our objective is to avoid problems and contractual disputes before they occur by identifying commercial risks as early as possible and to provide clear pragmatic advice, strategies and mitigation measures whenever they are presented.

Contractual health checks and the development of claim avoidance and resolution strategies provided by Arburies, increase recovery and reduce the likelihood of disputes escalating.

Delays and disruption are inherent in many contracts; but matters can often be resolved amicably if approached professionally with clearly presented and supported documentation. We always examine and test the issue being presented and provide clear briefing notes to explain the factual circumstances and the correct contractual position to be taken.

Our services are delivered in three broad packages:

1. Pre-Project and Inception
We undertake measurement and billing at inception/pre-contract stage in addition to condition surveys, boundary and party wall issues, and early identification and mitigation of commercial risks.

2. Mid-contract review and health check
We provide a fixed-fee mid-contract review and health check to review and report on your existing contractual arrangements, current position, commercial risks and opportunities., With the aim of maximising margins and avoiding problems becoming formal disputes; we clarify your key obligations, provide advice on contract administration, the correct application of forms and templates and identify areas of potential additional recovery.

3. Audit and Dispute recovery
We interrogate and audit costs and accounts, advising on the true trading position, WIP and liabilities.

We provide specialist support to identify and apply contract remedies to recover outstanding payment and retentions in addition to time and money held on disputed matters presented under complex contractual arrangements.

Our team will interrogate, test and advise on presented positions and will prepare a case for defence or submission for the recovery of time and cost; including where formal proceedings under mediation, adjudication, arbitration and litigation are required.

Pre-Project and Inception

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Mid-Contract Review and Health Check

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Audit and Recoveries

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