Supports for IP’s

At Arburies we work with many of the largest organisations in the construction industry, providing clear pragmatic advice, strategies and solutions.

Our specialist support can help Insolvency Practitioners with the resolution of disputes and the recovery of outstanding debt and retentions presented under complex contractual arrangements.

Services Provided

  • Assess trading viability

  • Interrogate, test and validate presented position

  • Audit costs, accounts, WIP and cashflow

  • Collect debtor balances and retentions

  • Assess viability of existing claims and disputes

  • Final accounts, set off and matters relating to termination

  • Identify and collect unclaimed items of change

  • Prepare case adjudication, arbitration and litigation

If you are an Insolvency Practitioner and have clients involved in any sector within the construction industry and need our specialist help then please contact our team for an informal chat on 0845 463 5180 or send a request via our contact form by clicking this link.